Day 22: A Karmic Miracle

child eating snack

The coolest thing is about to happen. It’s beyond cool, really, because I am about to make a giant leap in universal understanding. I am about to tip the Karma scales in another direction. I kid you not.

Listen and marvel:

Today, I am going to take the money I saved from not drinking so far this week (at least $50) and I am going to go to Walmart. I am not a fan of Walmart, but it’s where I can get the most for my money. I am going to buy the healthiest individually wrapped snacks that I can find and drive to a small building on the “iffy” side of the small town where I live. There, I will drop off these snacks to the nice woman who runs a program for homeless women and their children. The program involves a year-long support network and long-term housing for women who have experienced addiction, violence, joblessness, mental illness, etc.

Can you see the incredible symmetry in this action? Let me say this: I have never done anything like this except through my good intentions on the road to hell. Even those weak altruistic actions I have attempted in the past go by the wayside once drinking is back on the table. But today, I am going to take money that would have supported the local ethanol industry and transform it into take-home snacks for homeless families. The website says that these snacks are often all they have to eat for dinner.

OMG, the gallons of money that I wasted by dumping it into the polluted stream of indulgence and addiction! How much better will I feel knowing that the money went to a child? I am about to find out. Amazing.

But wait … I have taken this a step further. I have volunteered (via the website) to work one day a week in the childcare area of the building. Women often show up with nowhere for their young children to go and therefore cannot attend AA, fill out paperwork, etc. I love kids, especially now that my own are all grown up. I can help someone who needs it, for once. I no longer have to be the needy one, the one that constantly asks for support to get through the day, who is an open funnel for wasting money and time.

I could be someone else. Actually, I could be me without alcohol.

That, my friends, is a miracle.

— S


24 thoughts on “Day 22: A Karmic Miracle

    1. It’s amazing how selfish and short-sighted I am while drinking, however. I would not give money if that meant I had to bypass a drink. I remember spending far less on groceries so that I had enough for wine. Ugh.


  1. This is great! You are touching lives, even if it is in a small way you never know how it will impact someone in the future. My daughter remembers this ONE lady who gave her a sucker when she was about 5 years old. Of all the millions of suckers she was handed as a child she remembers THIS lady as being kind. She said the lady said something and smiled and it made her happy, she doesn’t even remember what was said but it was the intention behind it. That could be you and you will never know but you have given one child one happy memory. I love that you have considered this. Yay for you.

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    1. Thank you! Also, this so easily could have been me. Without child support and my parents, I would frequently have been without money to pay rent, etc. I’ve been lucky enough to have a safety net, but so many people do not. I’ve always loved the movie “Pay It Forward” and I know I need to do a lot more of it. ; )


    2. Hi Ginger! For some reason, I’m not able to comment on your blog for the last couple of days. It’s driving me crazy! So I went through my old comments and found one from you that I could reply to. I still remember this comment! It was absolutely lovely.

      Anyway, this comment is for your current blog:

      Respecting your own triggers is huge! Mine was going out for drinks with friends. It was too strong of a trigger, so I didn’t do it, no matter whose feelings I hurt, no matter how guilty I felt (temporarily). Same with long, drawn out dinner party type things. I either didn’t go, or made up a reason I had to leave early. People would stay and drink for hours, and I could not in good faith put myself through that.



  2. in AA we speak about the need to get out of our own selfish and self-centered selves and look for others to help, and by dong that we stay sober.
    looks like you;re figuring that out…good for you!

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  3. Dear ASM,
    This is a wonderful idea!
    I agree that I have become a way more positive person now that I am not drinking.
    Drinking brought me to my lowest self.
    Recovery is lifting me up to my higher self!

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  4. Haven’t read a more powerful and deeply influential post on a blog like this EVER. Karma is magical, isn’t it. I am so, so, so moved by your karmic miracle. Congratulations on life getting better and better. Absolutely awesome.

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    1. Wow, you have made my day! You are so right about the karma. In addition to working with the kids, they asked me to help tutor some of the women trying to pass the GED. This will be my chance to “come out” as someone who has been where they have, to some extent. Extra practice in humility!


  5. That is such a wonderful idea!!! I love how you turned your darker days of drinking into a bright light for both yourself and others. Nothing feels as good as giving!! You gave yourself the gift of an alcohol free life and you are paying it forward! You go girl!

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    1. Thank you! I love having a few positive posts out there to go with the darker ones. Everything gets more positive as time goes by. It’s hard to get used to accepting a congratulations — I’m so used to saying, “Yeah, but …” and then coming up with some reason that my idea is not so great. Progress!


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