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I have a life coach. I know, very trendy, but this woman is the perfect mix of intelligence, spirituality, and humor. She’s big into A Course in Miracles and has written some amazing books that I reference from time to time. ANYHOW, I told her about a spiritual experience I’d had that I’ve never written about, except in a memoir that I may never publish, and she believed me. Unreservedly.

And since she believed that, I told her another secret. I told her that from the time of that breakthrough, I’ve been able to do “readings,” which I have to put in air quotes because I’m not that comfortable with the word. Same goes for “psychic” or “medium.” In truth, I’m fine with those words applying to SOMEONE ELSE. And that’s part of the reason that up until recently, only a handful of people knew anything about this. At the urging of my coach (and after another year of putting it off), I did some readings for people in a spiritual group she has in Denver. It went very well. More importantly, it was fun and energizing. She’s also encouraged me to reach out to the world in general, because she sees these readings as healing, and they have been, both for me and other person.

The best way I know to describe what happens is that my mind and someone else’s become joined in a kind of communion. It’s almost like the feeling I used to get when I had a drink with someone. One drink in, and we suddenly connected on a deeper level, like we’d found some new way to communicate. I loved that feeling. Friends appeared out of thin air, and social anxiety was something that you could only imagine sober.

With all this in mind, I’m reaching out to do a few practice sessions. A year ago, I did one for a lovely woman in Australia. It was such a wonderful experience that I’m going to give it a try again.

SO! If there are any brave, open-minded souls out there, send me an email. (Of course, there is no charge for these readings. It’s just for fun and so that I can tell my coach I finally did what she has been asking me to do for years.)

Wow — one more of my secrets out there in the world. It feels good.



Please use this email:   shawnacarpenter05@gmail.com

Or just reach out in the comments.

The Danger of Justified Anger


After a difficult marriage and divorce, I thrived on anger. Somehow, the anger felt like power in a situation where I had very little of it. It wasn’t until I read A¬†Return to Love that I knew there was a downside to what I saw as perfectly justified anger.¬†Here’s a great article from The Elephant describing one women’s anger toward her father:

The Danger of Justified Anger.

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You Don’t Need to Explain Yourself


How much time did I waste wondering how something I wanted to do would affect other people? Perfect example: For years I worried about inconveniencing friends because I had quit drinking. How would I explain it to them?

What a waste of time.

Today, my reading from the book A Year Without Fear addressed this perfectly:

Today, you do not need to explain yourself to others.

You do not have to explain your journey or courageous faith to others. If you were giving birth, you wouldn’t take time to make others feel comfortable and secure. You would be doing what your nature demands. You’d focus on the task at hand, the evolutionary impulse. You’d attend to your own needs. A new life will speak for itself.

— Tama Kieves, ¬†A Year Without Fear

Who’s Driving Your Car?


Cooped up in my house, my thoughts seem to be all over the map. I can’t divert myself with friends, wandering stores, or yoga classes. Dealing with my own thoughts has been the biggest challenge of my life. But it’s also the one thing that changed my life so profoundly.

Pam Grout described how she handles these thoughts in her blog here. For those who don’t know, she lost her only daughter, Taz, this year, but has continued on her amazing spiritual journey.

Insist that Love Drive the Clown Car

Here is a photo of Pam with her daughter.