40 Days of Sobriety. Try It!


Hip Sobriety is a legend in the sober blogosphere. I am so inspired by their stuff. Here is just one paragraph from their “manifesto”:

2. You do not need to hit rock bottom. Some 90% of folks who struggle with alcohol (in the US) are not clinically addicted. We have an idea that we need to be falling down and lose everything to address our relationship with alcohol. Not true. If you’re worried about your drinking, if it’s causing shame or fear or keeping you from the life you’re dreaming about, that’s more than enough to begin. And the sooner you start, the easier it is.

Anyway, if you’re struggling with sobriety or want to reinforce it, they offer an email-based 40-day Mantra course for $ 34 that looks right up my alley. They also have an 8-week “Sobriety School.” I totally would have done this when I was struggling, had I known it was out there. Looks like a great way to jump-start the process.  💕