Are You Hungover?

I knew that I was being called by all that is holy to lay this substance aside.”

From my memoir.

TODAY make the decision to align the stars in your favor. You’ve been sailing against the wind, and all it takes is one little shift in thinking to turn the ship in an entirely different direction, where you open your heart to everything good.

The ONE decision to stop drinking, just for today, will join you with a power so strong you absolutely cannot fail. Align your will with that of all the universe, which seeks only your highest good. In your heart, you know that drinking is drowning you, even if you’re sometimes able to tread water. Can you LOVE YOURSELF, value yourself, as you would a child, enough to save your own life?

You cannot fail because even if you drink again, you will be shown the error of your ways through signs and the cognitive dissonance that comes from treating yourself as less than the perfect child of Life itself. You will be drawn back to the path with the power of love, the love that will see you through what temporarily feels like loss.

The time is now. Reach out and join your hand with the millions who walk this path with you, in blogs, in meetings, in your own town, in every city everywhere. You are not alone.

Let the divine, whatever that means for you, show you the way.