10 thoughts on “Fantastic Post by Laura Parrot Perry

      1. Oh you look too young to be a Nonna!! So happy for you! Everything with me is finally settling down…..rough year but one of tremendous growth. Hard. So hard but so worth the struggle. I’ve just joined the ranks of the semi-retired. Spending lots of time clearing, cleaning and praying. Getting ready for what’s to come. God’s plans are always far better than my own! Tomorrow I will have 3 years sober!!!! 🙏😘

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      2. Wow, congratulations!!! Woo hoo! I’m also semi-retired, but without having earned it. : ) I still work on my own projects but at a very leisurely pace. I was thinking about renting out a small space for meditations and classes, etc., but this Covid thing has me grounded for now. I really like what you said about clearing and cleaning though. I need to get rid of tons of stuff to make room for the new. ; )

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