Day 266: Your Blogging Changes the World (A short quirky post)


Do you ever wonder, while you’re holed up in your little room, trying to put into words what is going on in your head, and then hitting the “publish” button, if your words make any difference in the grand scheme of things?


This morning, with just a few minutes to spare, I read a post by Endless River about the crows and other birds that keep appearing in her yard. Nothing deep … not even sobriety-related. But the post reminded me about the bird feeder I bought that I hadn’t filled in months. And we have tons of migratory birds perched in our trees this time of year, probably hungry. So I went out to fill it.

And I just had this epiphany … standing stock still, out in the cold yard in my ratty robe, ignoring the neighbors … thinking “She made this happen!”

So I ran back inside, all aglow (a throw-away Christmas reference), and sent this response to her blog:

Once again the miracle of the internet has caused me, an unrelated reader miles away, to fill up my bird feeder this morning, thereby feeding the wild birds flying through. Isn’t that kind of amazing? Endless River posts an article, wild birds are fed. Wow.


Thanks for the epiphany! Sometimes you feel like your words are just sent out there into the world and that they don’t mean anything. This certainly puts in into perspective.



20 thoughts on “Day 266: Your Blogging Changes the World (A short quirky post)

  1. Yes, I agree that we can now reach people all over the world with a simple message. More than ten years ago, I started to write down the story of my crazy relationship, then marriage, then my caregiving when he fell ill. I did it a page at a time, a chapter at a time, and it took 10 yrs. As it started to shape up, I realized I had a story to tell. I started going to critique groups to fine tune my stories. Finally, it was as good as it was going to get. I published it. It is my memoir, Starting at Goodbye by Marilyn Boehm. It was like doing a fourth and fifth step and releasing it to the world. It’s now available on Amazon. Some people who struggled with their sobriety said it helped them. Some people struggling in their relationships said it helped them. I know it helped ME. Maybe it will touch YOUR life.


  2. wow! Thanks for this insight. I am usually down on technology because I feel we all let it “enslave” us, rather than let it be our slave. Love that pic- I remember doing just that as a kid! SoberMiracle – thank you for being such an inspiration and supportive blogger of me. You truly have a gift for the ‘word’ and I am grateful the Lord got us together. Have a Blessed and Peace-filled Christmas. Bear Hugs to you my sister.

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    1. Thank you! Your prayers worked — Christmas was nice, not too crazy. And the jangled nerves are almost gone! They were such a permanent part of my life. As long as I don’t have three cups of coffee, I’m fine.
      I am so happy we can support each other through this! I do think people are brought together for a reason, and ours is pretty clear. ; )


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  3. Oh I love this and bravo for highlighting what is so obvious that we don’t even notice until it’s pointed out. Yes the power of the blogosphere is making these tiny butterfly effect events all over. Even someone commenting “oh I so relate” can give you that little joy bubble of connection and feeling understood that can carry you through your day.
    Good work ASM.

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    1. Thank you! The butterfly effect was the phrase I was looking for when I was writing it, but couldn’t quite summon it up. ; ) I think of some blogs or books I’ve read that I remember decades after reading them. I missed reading blogs over the holidays, and I was desperate to get back to it and find out what was going on with everyone. Thanks for checking in, Ginger. ; )


  4. So often I have those opening thoughts and so often thought my days I stumble upon something that brings me right back to someones post and I smile usually thinking ‘I will have to let them know’ but I usually never do. I look forward to starting!

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