The tagline on my site says “A women’s quest for one year of sobriety.” And let me tell you, the odds weren’t in my favor.

But guess the fuck what? Fall down 1000 times, get up 1001!

WOO Freakin’ HOO!!

I would expound more about the miracle year I’ve had, but guess what? I am off on a reward vacation to Athens! Yes, all the way to Athens!

Athens, Georgia, actually. Ha ha ha! Why? Because I have family there, and as part of my newfound sobriety, I actually visit family with out worrying about how to drink around them. And it’s not even a family-obligation day, like Thanksgiving. AND I’m looking forward to it. This is soooo unlike me!

So I am off to Georgia y’all!

(Here’s a picture of Ug to make your day. He has to sit on ice packs during the football games so that he doesn’t get overheated. FYI — I am not a Georgia fan. I just like the dog.)



47 thoughts on “ONE YEAR!

  1. YAY!!
    Happy Year!!
    It is. HUGE accomplishment!
    Funny, I am so much happier around family now too, that I don’t drink. Although most if them do, I like knowing I won’t act in drunk ways, or sneak drinks.
    Big Hugs!!
    I love Ug! What a cutie!

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    1. Thank you, Wendy! It is much nicer around family these days. I used to bypass all of the park or museum adventures because no one would be drinking. It’s so much less stressful now.
      I got that dog’s name wrong: it’s UGA for the University of Georgia. We saw quite a few of them around campus. ; )

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  2. That is truly amazing, huge congratulations! I for one am so happy I found your blog as you have been a great motivator, inspiration and companion all along. I found your blog early on but then lost it for a while but through your comment on another blog I was reconnected with you and have been anticipating new posts ever since. I am so thrilled for you and hope this is just the start of your journey.
    I’m about 40 ish days behind you on 314, who knew it was possible -well loads of people but it took me ages to be one of them.

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    1. Thank you!! And you’re so right — who know it was possible? I had perfected attempting sobriety. I have made a million attempts, so it just goes to show, you never know. And if we can do this, what else can we do??
      And you have been a wonderful sober companion as well. I hope we will be trudging along this path for a while. ♥ ♥


    1. We are on about the same journey time-wise. Can you believe it?
      Those bulldogs were everywhere on campus. I am a Tarheel, myself. As you can guess, I am off to watch the game tonight. ♥ ♥


      1. Yep, I did it! Best ride ever! I hear you on the sugar cravings though, never had a sweet tooth in my life before this, and now I bake cakes and decorate them with cream!!!! Thank goodness I have a slight walking addiction to even it out!

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      2. I’m also into the walking, but it’s hard to keep up sugar-wise. I am having a chocolate brownie truffle for breakfast. I have begged the bakery to give me the recipe but they won’t, so I’m forced to go there every day to buy two. If I buy more, I eat more.
        Sorry to drone on and on about this. ; )

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  3. I’m a little late to your party but big hugs to you for one year sober. That’s a huge milestone, and something to be terribly proud of. Best to you!

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