Just Doing my Homework

Glow version

(Photo: Me, with special glow filter and sunlight effects.)

I have a life coach. I know, very trendy, but this woman is the perfect mix of intelligence, spirituality, and humor. She’s big into A Course in Miracles and has written some amazing books that I reference from time to time. ANYHOW, I told her about a spiritual experience I’d had that I’ve never written about, except in a memoir that I may never publish, and she believed me. Unreservedly.

And since she believed that, I told her another secret. I told her that from the time of that breakthrough, I’ve been able to do “readings,” which I have to put in air quotes because I’m not that comfortable with the word. Same goes for “psychic” or “medium.” In truth, I’m fine with those words applying to SOMEONE ELSE. And that’s part of the reason that up until recently, only a handful of people knew anything about this. At the urging of my coach (and after another year of putting it off), I did some readings for people in a spiritual group she has in Denver. It went very well. More importantly, it was fun and energizing. She’s also encouraged me to reach out to the world in general, because she sees these readings as healing, and they have been, both for me and other person.

The best way I know to describe what happens is that my mind and someone else’s become joined in a kind of communion. It’s almost like the feeling I used to get when I had a drink with someone. One drink in, and we suddenly connected on a deeper level, like we’d found some new way to communicate. I loved that feeling. Friends appeared out of thin air, and social anxiety was something that you could only imagine sober.

With all this in mind, I’m reaching out to do a few practice sessions. A year ago, I did one for a lovely woman in Australia. It was such a wonderful experience that I’m going to give it a try again.

SO! If there are any brave, open-minded souls out there, send me an email. (Of course, there is no charge for these readings. It’s just for fun and so that I can tell my coach I finally did what she has been asking me to do for years.)

Wow — one more of my secrets out there in the world. It feels good.



Please use this email:   shawnacarpenter05@gmail.com

Or just reach out in the comments.

14 thoughts on “Just Doing my Homework

    1. Thank you, lovely! I’m trying to come up with a new website, but I’m not that good at design, plus I’m not sure what I want to say. Do you see the problem here? 😀

      It’s funny to think about how I started blogging under another name and without a photo, and what great lengths I went to to hide my identify. And now I can post something like this without batting an eye. Then again, almost no one knows about this blog, so I don’t have much reason to worry.

      Progress, not perfection, right? 💕

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  1. Nice photo and not sure exactly what it is you do, but it sounds interesting. I can relate to that connection through drinking. Unfortunately, it has a shelf life and so does my body. So have to go in another direction. Doing that this week! Again.

    How does it work? Maybe I would participate.

    On Tue, Jul 28, 2020, 10:36 AM Finding a Sober Miracle wrote:

    > Finding a Sober Miracle posted: ” (Photo: Me, with special glow filter and > sunlight effects.) I have a life coach. I know, very trendy, but this woman > is the perfect mix of intelligence, spirituality, and humor. She’s big into > A Course in Miracles and has written some amazing books tha” >

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  2. Congratulations on listening to your body over the drinking voice this week. My body was in sad shape by the time I started putting a few days together here, a whole week there. In fact, it was my own mortality staring me in the face that finally got me to quit for good. If I ever finish this memoir, I’ll send you a copy. Ha ha!

    What happens with a reading is that as soon I start talking to you, via Zoom or phone, I will start getting images or words that I will ask you about. I might say, “Do you have a daughter?” because I immediately see an image of a young girl. And as you start talking, I will get further images/information and will tell you what I’m hearing. From there, it just kind of takes off. As soon as you mention someone, I will be able to “see” them, meaning I will get an impression about how they’re feeling. Often, the images or words I receive are from someone who has passed on who is related to you. A grandmother or grandfather will make their presence known and they usually have very kind and loving messages for you, even if the relationships weren’t ideal while they were alive. Kind of fascinating, really. I’ve been doing these reading for friends for 15 years, so I’m pretty comfortable with the process, but I realize that it is miles outside of some people’s comfort zones (for example, my entire family’s).

    The readings are almost always uplifting and encouraging. It’s nice to know that you are loved and supported by the universe, even if you’re unaware of it.

    Are you still up for a try? 😀


  3. Hello precious Shawna,
    Earth, Ether, Air, Fire, water,
    Broadly speaking the five elements,
    Of this beautiful gift we call body,
    The word ethernet from ether,
    The networking of the visible,
    Thru the amazing invisible, “Ether”,
    It is subtle experience of the subtle element!!
    Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Our talk was one of the most profound experiences in my life. I can honestly say I feel more loved in the world overall, and my outlook for the future has become filled with optimism.
    Thank you so much for sharing your gift. We are truly all connected.


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    1. Anne, you have made my day, and possibly my life! 💕 I like to ask for signs that I’m going in the right direction because I’ve been so hesitant about doing readings for people I don’t know. THANK YOU for putting my mind completely at ease. I am so honored to have had our “meeting of the minds.” Your lovely spirit is so uplifting. I truly hope we get to meet in person.

      💕 Shawna

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  5. Shawna, you look amazing! Please tell me about how your book writing is going because I so love your writing. I’m writing a novel too, but not SoberLit, it’s science fiction/victorian romance. I’d love to get a reading from you, I’ll message later. I used to do Tarot readings. I don’t think I have any actual psychic abilities but I have a conman’s knack of reading body language! Hahah!

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    1. I credit the filmy filter for knocking off a few years. I can’t believe I didn’t know these things existed! And I am SO GLAD to hear from you! And I’m thrilled you’re writing a novel. I LOVED your Soberlit too, but I somehow fell down the rabbit hole when we were communicating about it. I’m sure it was family related. It always is.

      You know, for years I just assumed that I had over-honed my conman skills, but it appears there might be more to it. I would LOVE to do a reading with you. I look for your message with great anticipation!

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