Struggling with Sobriety?


Here’s some free love from Laura McKowen. I loved her book We Are the Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life, so when I saw that she was sharing a free e-book on her site, I had to pass it on.

Download here:

Six Mantras for Early Sobriety (or any other time when you’re in the shit pit)


15 thoughts on “Struggling with Sobriety?

    1. Yes, I am definitely a fan girl. I’ll have to check out her Minimalist interview. There is some great “quit lit” out there. One of my all-time favorites is still “Drinking: A Love Story.” I’ve read it at least five times.


  1. I’ll add this to my list. Read tons of sober lit in the early days but no recently. I’m feeling I might need to get reading again. Just to keep me on the straight and narrow. Thanks 🙏 Claire

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      1. Isn’t it just? Really strong craving today. It’s been a week of anxiety inducing things and bam … today I feel like a drink. You can never assume you won’t slip can you? Xx

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      2. Once it’s out of your mind, you can be confident you won’t slip. It becomes no longer an option, and when you’re stressed, if your mind goes there even briefly, it’s just a passing thought and not a craving. When life is stressful now, I crave solitude and a walk in the woods and a giant chocolate cookie from Panera. Then again, I no longer have kids in the house, so I don’t have the intense stress of those early years. I used to think life would just be this constant temptation and it’s not, once you’ve built a life that molds itself to your sobriety and not other people’s expectations, like when friends think you want to sit around with them for hours, watching them drink.

        In somebody’s memoir, I remember the guy saying he didn’t quit drinking so much as transcend it. You reach a level of self love that allows you to let it go. 💕

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