Who’s Driving Your Car?


Cooped up in my house, my thoughts seem to be all over the map. I can’t divert myself with friends, wandering stores, or yoga classes. Dealing with my own thoughts has been the biggest challenge of my life. But it’s also the one thing that changed my life so profoundly.

Pam Grout described how she handles these thoughts in her blog here. For those who don’t know, she lost her only daughter, Taz, this year, but has continued on her amazing spiritual journey.

Insist that Love Drive the Clown Car

Here is a photo of Pam with her daughter.


5 thoughts on “Who’s Driving Your Car?

  1. I always feel a little flutter when I see you’ve written Shawna but I’m so sad that you’re feeling anxious this way.

    Pam writes so well so I must take a look at her blog soon.

    Love to you dear girl. ❤

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    1. How did you get to be so kind? I”m always awe struck when I hear from you. I felt anxious yesterday, and SUPERB today. I’m becoming moody in my second adolescence here. How about you? 💕


      1. Aw Shawna ♡ I’m doing well, I’d say, although I like people less than I did (that’s only because I’m working full time and seeing some people at their worst). I’m glad you’re feeling so up today…that’s made me smile. I don’t have a lot of time here but I’ll keep looking for you incase you’ve some time to write.

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      2. I am somehow receiving comments in a blog that I closed down, so there’s a big delay between when people send comments and when I remember to check the old site. So THANK YOU for this. Even weeks later, it’s much appreciated. ; )


      3. …and I’ve only just seen this reply. I’m not sure where I should be replying to though? Xx


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