6 thoughts on “Yes, You CAN Stop Drinking

    1. Day 9 is amazing! For some reason, if I could get past day 3 plus the weekend, then I could really start to feel better. And the very simple concept of one day at a time took me forever to understand. I had to slow my thinking down and be kind to myself. It’s like I had this voice inside of my head who kept saying, “Hurry up and be done with it!” By slowing down, I could start to hear the much kinder voice: “You’re doing so well! You’re amazing. You can do this.”

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  1. congrats on your 4 years. I am 10 months sober (although this is my second time around) I am finding it is different this time. I am doing it slowly and taking it my way and not listening to people telling me how it should be.

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    1. Wow, congratulations! I also went 10 months one time, and then celebrated with a Cosmopolitan. So I soooo understand the second (or third or fourth) time around deal. I’m so glad it feels different this time … I love how your inner knowing is at work here.
      And thank you so much for your comment. ; )

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