13 thoughts on “Citizenship Question

    1. Well, had they phrased it a little better … “Have you, on any occasion, and just like most Americans, ever had maybe a tiny bit too much to drink?” I would have said yes, definitely. But habitual drunkard? It sounds like a question they added in the 1920s, and it’s just been there ever since. With a clean conscious, I checked NO, as I did with the next question, which had to do with prostitution. 😀

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    1. EXACTLY! Like this question at a therapist’s office: “Have you ever thought about hurting yourself, or anyone else?” The example given was: “This guy is driving me crazy! I’d like to run him off the road.” Who hasn’t thought that? Or am I alone out here in crazy think? Anyway, I answered, “Of course not.” Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. 😀


  1. What the hell? Haha. I’m all for honesty (see my comment on Anna’s video post) but how the crap are you supposed to respond to that? I’ve seen those kinds of questions a lot and so often they ask you to just give a YES or NO answer. No explanation allowed.
    Nice to see you, by the way. I’ve missed you x

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    1. I have missed you too! My husband was talking about a golf tournament in Scotland the other day, and I said, “I have a friend in Edinburgh.” I was insinuating that I would be looking you up if we ever went there. Ha ha! I’ve been doing well, just off on all kinds of tangents these days. How about you?


      1. Well, I live over 100 miles from Edinburgh but if I knew you were coming I’d make a point of going there to see you! (My eldest daughter lives there so I have somewhere to crash if and when you come). I live in Aberdeen where Trump has a golf course.

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