Ending the Insanity


I read this paragraph just now in A Course of Love (the sequel to A Course in Miracles). It’s a beautiful description of what happens when you first hear the still small voice breaking through the chaos of addiction:

A door has been reached, a threshold crossed. What your mind still would deny your heart cannot. A tiny glimmering of memory has returned to you and will not leave you to the chaos you seem to prefer. It will keep calling you to acknowledge it and let it grow. It will tug at your heart in the most gentle of ways. Its whisper will be heard within your thoughts. Its melody will play within your mind. “Come back, come back,” it will say to you. “Come home, come home,” it will sing. You will know there is a place within yourself where you are missed and longed for and safe and loved. A little peace has been made room for in the house of your insanity.

4 thoughts on “Ending the Insanity

  1. I actually ‘litteraly’ heard that voice towards the end the last 6 months or so…the voice was as clear as bell: “this is the beginning of the end” I thought I was going insane…but was being saved.


  2. May the voice of your guardian angel? I believe you 100 percent. And I also thought I was going insane, especially when I had the spiritual breakthrough I had. I googled the symptoms of schizophrenia! Turns out I’m saner than I’ve ever been. ; )


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