Quit Drinking: The Decision that Changes Everything

new years resolution

I used to think that I was able to stop drinking after years of trying because I decided to put myself first, instead of feeling guilty about how my decision affected other people. But I realize now that there was a decision before that one.

And this decision changed everything.

I first had to decide that I was worth saving.

12 thoughts on “Quit Drinking: The Decision that Changes Everything

  1. I have never really thought about this, but reading it, I realised that there was a point (5 years ago or so) where I stopped questioning my worth and just accepted it.

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    1. Thank you! A short but sweet post. 💕

      It’s amazing how long it took for me to realize I was making the decision every day that I didn’t matter. And if you listen to that voice instead of your better angels, you begin to believe it. It’s just like the drinking voice though. Once you recognize it, you no longer think of the voice as “you.” And you no longer believe what that voice tells you.

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    1. You are so right, Aurora! We get the message at a young age that we should put ourselves second, that it’s somehow noble to stifle our own voice. It’s so freeing to question that belief and then move past it.
      I clicked on your link, No more excuses, and love the cover photo. I look forward to reading your blog. 💕

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  2. Thank you so much.. That is such a lovely complement, because seeing everyone around me being able to control their drinking and I cannot, makes me feel so immature and childish. But I have accepted that alcohol is not for me at all.

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