The Truth About the Wine Lovers’ Club

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For anyone who follows Belle at Tired of Thinking About Drinking, you know she’s got some great podcasts and resources for people trying to give up drinking. Her post today caught my eye because she’s talking about people who say they love wine online but are secretly struggling with their intake. It gives you a new perspective on all those holiday posts of your friends, raising a glass of wine on Facebook. Here’s the link:

Stated Out Loud, In Case You Are Mistaken: You Are Not Alone with This

4 thoughts on “The Truth About the Wine Lovers’ Club

  1. Great one. I found myself getting triggered by all those pics recently. A good reminder that I used to post them to. Here’s me on vacation with my rum in an actual coconut! Or me on my patio relaxing with this romantic looking glass of wine. Meanwhile what they didn’t see was inside my head, the shame, the binge eating, etc… nice reminder, thanks for sharing.

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    1. Binge eating! So true. I could never get a handle on eating healthy food as long as I was drinking. I would either barely eat to get the maximum effect from the drink or overeat because I felt crappy. And I would have to main-line caffeine to even be functional for a few hours. But … the photos showed me raising a glass of beautiful pink poison with my friends or relatives.
      Thanks for the comment!


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