Ghosts of the Lake


The lake is spectacular this time of year. In the early morning, the cool air creates misty ghosts that rise from the water and wander in circles with every swirl of air. Sometimes they march right past the dock. Other times, they circle off in the distance.

I’ve never been able to capture them in a photo. They are as elusive as a smoke, burning off as soon as the sun rises above the tree line. But while they’re here, I love to watch them wander past like the souls who lived and breathed before me, now hurrying off to who knows where.

6 thoughts on “Ghosts of the Lake

  1. Wow, that’s beautiful! We have a huge park just across the road and I usually take a long-cut to work just to drive through it along the wide avenue that cuts through its middle – this morning it was a little misty, a bit like you describe and in the photo. It also has lots of fallow deer. I love it. Autumn is so beautiful. I miss lakes though – my native Sweden is full of them and I do really miss that here in and around London. x

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    1. How exciting to be from Sweden! It’s my daughter’s lifelong goal to live there, although she’s never been. I saw a post where you responded in what I can only guess is Swedish (ha ha) and was very impressed. We in the foothills of the South don’t have a lot of cultural diversity. I’m Canadian myself, but came to the US when I was 2, so it barely counts.
      I do LOVE being near water. It’s so calming somehow. We have deer too, and the occasional bear, but I’d like to be a little more remote so that we had more wildlife. Autumn here is really beautiful, but winter totally sucks. Almost never cold enough to snow, but cold enough to rain ice sideways into your face. : (

      Have a great day, Anna. 💕

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