Stepping Out!


“You can choose COURAGE or you can choose COMFORT, but you cannot choose BOTH!”

— Brené Brown

This is one of my least favorite quotes by Brené, probably because it’s the one I most need to hear. And if you’ve ever been without comfort for a long period of time, you want to grab on to it with both hands — it might just get away from you.

Regardless, I just started a new blog for anyone interested in spirituality and A Course in Miracles. I can tell that some people here in the blogosphere are really interesting in this kind of thing, and others are really not. Another blog was the answer to keeping the two separate, though they’re completely intertwined for me.

And I’m also stepping way outside my comfort zone, as sobriety teaches you to do. I had an unusual and amazing spiritual experience about 18 years ago, and only a few people know about it. The result was that a doorway opened, allowing me a more direct connection with my spirit guides. I’ll be blogging about that as well … how we become channels of the divine, particularly through journaling. I’ve done readings for friends for years, and will be doing intuitive readings over the phone. I’m not sure how that will work yet … but I’ve been talking it about for over a decade. (Don’t tell my mom.)

So there you have it! My new blog is, and I currently have zero followers. I can only go upward from here.  💕

20 thoughts on “Stepping Out!

  1. The statement ‘zero followers’ is no longer true – you now have me on the other blog too and I look forward to learning more about this side of you. Super interesting! And I so agree about sobriety teaching us how to step outside of our comfort zone – it’s pretty spectacular! I used to equate “outside the comfort zone” with something negative and UNcomfortable, but in actual fact it’s mostly been the discovery that I am so much more than I thought. Figures, when I’m no longer crippling myself by being either drunk or hungover! Often just small things – like not rushing through stuff and being able to work through something at a steady and conscientious way. WHOA! Honestly, that’s for me something that used to be unthinkable! Anna x

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    1. Thank you so much, Anna! Yay, a follower! It’s funny how much that means to me … to have someone open-minded respond.
      And you’re so right … outside my comfort zone seemed like something negative as long as I was drinking. I used to really dislike the word “challenge” as well. Who wants a challenge when simply surviving is so difficult? The small things are amazing too. Just not having the constant anxiety and frustration level has made things so much easier.

      Thanks again, Anna. 💕

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      1. So, speaking of timing…
        I haven’t been on your page in some time (sorry). I haven’t been on my own much lately, either. So, I write that post the other day and base it on something you said to me a year ago, when I wrote about the deer. I come on your page and see you started a new page, which is effin perfect, by the way. And I see what that new page is about, and think how God’s timing made me write about you and see what you happen to be up to right now with that page. You write about timing on this comment. Fast forward to tonight…I’m signing up to access my 403B plan online and it assigns me a random image for security purposes…a family of deer. Not one deer, but a family. Just like I wrote about last year when you laid that amazing comment on me.

        Just thought I’d share 🙂

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      2. I love those signs of the divine! Mine are so obvious sometimes that there is absolutely no denying it. It’s like being in a sitcom. Ha ha!
        I was thinking about you because we’re having our floors redone, so I have to clean out my closet, and I was thinking “Finally, I can find that necklace!” It’s the one I bought for you months ago. I put it somewhere in it’s little pouch and I haven’t seen it since. But I still think of you every time I see a feather.
        No need AT ALL to apologize about leaving the blog world for a while. I do it all the time. Life catches up with you, ya know?
        I googled the weather up in your neck of the woods. I’ll be up there one of these days!

        Much love,
        💕 Shawna


      3. Yesterday, as I mindlessly did some housework, I thought to myself “I should see about visiting Shawna down there.

        We must need to see each other

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      4. I agree! We’re here almost all the time, so that makes it easy. I was going to coordinate my visit to you with a speaking engagement, which makes it justifiable as “work.” And by speaking, I mean talking for thirty minutes tops at a spiritual center or rehab. I’m starting slowly …


      5. I hope that talk is during the summer. You need to come on the bay with me. Where’s the engagement at?

        Do you know you follow someone who I know? Ayanna. She lives here, too

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      6. I’m really putting the cart before the horse here. I have no engagement, but I could probably stir one up. I would just look at some yoga/spiritual places and then offer to hold a guided meditation or something. It would most definitely not be in winter. November would be nice, but I could come back during the boating season.
        That’s so cool that you’re connected with Ayanna! I could pay you two to come to the talk, and that’s two people right there. I’m trying to begin following the guidance I received to “tell my story.” 💕


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