17 thoughts on “Best Break-Up Lines Ever

    1. I still can’t comment on any blog other than a WordPress blog. Jeez! I’m going to fill out a help request today. Anyhow, this is for your current blog post:

      Four years is forever, isn’t it? It’s so hard for me to imagine how hard life was at one time.

      Thanks for being such an inspiration to the rest of us. And I LOVE the photos! Nature is my safe place too, and I don’t get out nearly enough.



  1. My two best friends and I shared a flat for years. We went through most of the dating trials and tribulations and many break ups. One of my pals had a habit of picking some real a-holes, but this one took the prize. After he’d stayed overnight, had his fun – so to speak – he told her it was over and they argued for a bit. As he turned to leave his parting shot was: “I don’t know why we went out for that long? It wasn’t for the sex though…cos it wasn’t THAT good”.

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    1. I just reminded myself of another one that SHE ended because she found out he wasn’t being honest with her. He said to her, realising that it was TOTALLY done: “I suppose a blow job’s outa the question?” It was!


    1. Hahahaha! Ms. Miracle can curse up a blue streak! And what a douchy thing for him to say! Sometimes I could tell this one guy was acting. Like he was playing a part he saw in a movie. I would catch him glancing in the mirror when he made an earnest face.

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  2. I had a BF who claimed he’d had a threesome with two showgirls in Las Vegas.He did it just he could tell me about it and I’d break up with him over it because he didn’t want to be the one to do it. I told him that was RATHER CLICHE. I’m pretty sure he lied about it!! Haha

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    1. OMG you win! I could just see somebody making up that story because it’s untraceable. Did these women take advantage of him? That almost makes him an innocent bystander.
      Now I have to search my life for similar event. I remember one guy giving me a shady story after a visit to NYC, the city of sin. He was very fuzzy on the details, and now I know it wasn’t even true! It just never occurred to me that someone would make this up! And I did break up with him, as he planned, I’m sure.
      Excuse me while I go look him up on Facebook.

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      1. Haha. I went out with a guy a few times, but I was really keen…as he appeared to be. Until he stood me up one night. Quite irritated by this, I called his work to be told that nobody of that name worked there…”but we do have a Kevin X?”. So, ever the detective, I called that guy up (found name in the book) and he denied all knowledge. I recognised his voice tho so knew it was the right guy. Sometime later I met him quite by accident in a bar and called him out. He apologised for lying but said it was because he was married. That was a lie too, but despite how stalkerish I already sound (I’m really not a stalker, just hate liars), I didn’t give a rat’s arse by then. That was over 30 years ago and I met my husband the night Kevin stood me up. I discovered that KEVIN got married last year, for the first time, when my mate and I recently Facebooked him for a laugh.

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      2. My God, that Kevin is a mastermind of ridiculous lies. How does he expect to get away with it? Especially saying that he was married. What luck though. You met your husband in his place.
        I found out one guy lied about where he was over New Years’. He said he was working, but some girl somewhere posted photos of herself with him, and tagged him. They then showed up on my Facebook feed. It was kind of funny, actually. No denying photo evidence! I just commented on the photo, saying “Cute!” and then unfriended him. Facebook added a whole twisted edge to romance. : (


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