I Will Never Forgive That B*tch


“Yes, a friend might have said something cruel to you—but in her heart, she’s simply lost and lonely like everyone else.”  — Marianne Williamson

So often, when I am commenting on someone’s blog or writing on my own, I start talking about forgiveness. And people may think, Yeah, whatever. Everyone talks about forgiveness these days, but I can’t let go of what happened to me, nor do I want to. Other people know that they do want to because forgiveness is the key to their own happiness.

Flashback to me, twelve years ago: “I will never forgive that bitch.”

I used those exact words in describing a former friend. And I was therefore tied to that friend through drama after drama, fueled by drinking, even when I moved out of the area. And I was totally justified, I thought, and I could explain why ad nauseam. Reliving the ‘betrayal” would get my blood pumping in seconds. It made it hard to sleep.

In time, only true forgiveness freed me. I called her out the blue one day, a decade later. It wasn’t easy to pick up the phone, but it was easy to reconnect and talk like old times. And I love her now, thought she isn’t in my life. I do ask for her forgiveness through prayer on a regular basis, and I know she feels it in her heart.

Marianne Williamson is so good at explaining why forgiveness is key to everything else:

The Miracle of Forgiveness

8 thoughts on “I Will Never Forgive That B*tch

  1. You are soooo right, my friend. Forgiveness is the key to happiness…including forgiving yourself. I have forgiven everyone. Yes…everyone…even THEM. So freeing😊

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  2. I agree entirely. And coming to that revelation isn’t easy, it takes a lot of self-reflection to realize we’re the cause of most of our “problems”…beautifully written! Sending you love and thinking of you. Xx


  3. The thought from Marianne which sticks with me is, “Remember, there’s only one of us here”. So simple, yet so hard to absorb. I am just as much a part of the Universe as you are. God only has one child, and it’s us…or something along those lines. Helps me see people in a different light…helps me see them as me..

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