I am Billy Mack


If you’ve ever seen “Love Actually,” I am Billy Mack and you all are Joe, the manager.

I am a few hours out of surgery, and I’m supposed to be knocked out for the weekend with lots of pain. Instead, I am happily wandering around the house, grateful beyond belief, eating cookies.

Only my husband knows about the surgery (he had to drive me there, etc.). My parents are in their 80s, and they would worry. My sisters are busy with their own lives. They don’t know about my secret struggle to quit drinking. Not really, anyway. They don’t know about my awe-inspiring quest to save my own life.

But you do.

It turns out that you are who I want to tell because you know me. You know more about me than any of my closest friends, and I know you in an intimate way, where we can drop our masks and connect on a soul level. You all are my soul mates.

I had such lovely support, reading at six AM, getting ready to walk out the door, having had no coffee. Even a simple LIKE was so comforting. People said a quick prayer for me, and I was completely calm and uplifting going in to the surgery. (Note: I am an anxious patient.) Just look at this message from Dwight:

“Surrounding you with loving healing vibes❤️”

I could actually feel the healing energy as I read it. And I’m here to tell you, it worked. Something beautiful and magical and powerful happens here in our blog world, and I don’t have to understand it to know it works.

As a present to you, I’ve given you the link where Billy Mack figures out that he loves Joe.

It’s just like me, a sober rock star, realizing who got me where I am.

In total awe-inspiring love for you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am honored to call myself your friend.



Bill Mack loves Joe in Love Actually.


23 thoughts on “I am Billy Mack

    1. What a beautiful comment Grace, and THANK YOU for being there. We accomplish a lot more when we stick together. I am feeling amazing tonight — much better than I should be. Onward and upward in the sober journey! 💕


  1. Its a relief being able to share thoughts with people who understand isn’t it xxx Mmm cookies! You go for it, they are healing you know 🙂👍🍪 ps. Billy Mack cracks me up every single time I see that film! 😂

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    1. I LOVE having a Scottish friend! Just know that in this part of America, you would be hugely popular just by the accent alone. We have one guy who wears a kilt at a local restaurant and he’s hugely popular, though he’s a local guy. 😀
      Thank you so much for the friendship. 💕
      ‘Til we meet in person —


  2. That’s a great clip! I’ve never seen the movie but now it’s on my list! Glad you’re recovering quickly and enjoying cookies! 😅

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  3. So glad to hear your surgery went well, Shawna. Sending healing vibes and prayers for a complete recovery. “Love Actually” is one of my favorite movies along with “Nothing Hill,” I grew up in England and have been a Hugh Grant fan forever. Just wish he would make more films. Enjoy those cookies! 😋
    J xxx

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      1. I LOVE “About a Boy.” I do love those English rom coms and I don’t really like the current ones. For some reason they’re always so crass and gross, as if that’s funny. I’ve dropped out of the movie scene unless I hear something is great while also being free of violence and gratuitous grossness.

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  4. I think from now on, I shall refer to you as “MY favorite sober rock star”. No one will know this though, because I will only say it in my head. But YOU will know it….😊

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    1. I’m fine now. It was a slower recovery than I thought because I assume that all of the warnings about taking it slow, etc., apply to other people. It turns out that I am other people! The worst is definitely over now though. Thanks for asking! 💕


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