Tomorrow I’m Going to Get My Sh*t Together


I was just sitting around this morning, procrastinating, when an article on procrastination showed up in my inbox. Wow! First off, I got to meet Mo Issa, who describes himself as spiritually human. I want to be this guy when I grow up. He’s amazing!

Second, his article really hit home. And I’m talking about procrastinating with your life’s work, not about doing the laundry. Here’s a quote:

“In the English dictionary, procrastination is defined as the act of delaying or postponing a task. Put another way, it’s self-sabotage. We place obstacles in our path to avoid the work at hand.”

I did this for years and years through drinking. Your entire life can be put on hold if you’re living buzzed. I could make great plans while drinking. I could even start big projects. I just couldn’t see them through.

This article is well worth the read:

Procrastination is Real, But We Have 3 Ways to Fight It.

20 thoughts on “Tomorrow I’m Going to Get My Sh*t Together

    1. Me too! I put off everything because it was all stuff I would do AFTER I recovered. In the meantime, I put very little energy into making a real commitment to recovery. I just drifted along … and a few decades went by. So now the drinking is gone but the procrastinating is still here. But it’s progress!!

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      1. It is. I just got back from 3-4 weeks visiting family, mostly. I’m ready to catch up on all the blog action I missed. I hope you’re doing well. I’m planning on putting your advice into action over the Easter holiday, when I will see my friend. ; )

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  1. I adore this. It’s so true! There’s a great quote — “There’s no such thing as procrastination. Something is either a priority or it’s not.” I love this because it resonates so much with me (although I was in denial of this truth for SO long) — I expected things would just happen, and that I wouldn’t have to “work” for them…but alas…we are creators…and we cannot create without “working” so therein lies one of life’s great truths…we must learn to overcome the desire to not do the work even though we have a clear goal/vision/desire in mind. Consistency is key. And those small steps we take..well, they amount to massive results. Day-by-day… Big love, Xx.

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    1. So true! I read the quote to my husband because we’re both struggling with the day-to-day lull of being unemployed. He’s retired, and I’m just tagging along. I pictured this life based around writing and yoga, but I’m struggling with distraction and lack of urgency. It’s so inspiring to think about doing these things, but you have to do them whether your inspired at that moment or not. I’m having to schedule my days so that I won’t let them slip away. It’s so much like drinking … you have the intention of stopping tomorrow. But days and weeks and then years slip by before tomorrow ever comes.
      Thanks for this much-needed dose of inspiration. 💕

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