Calling All Angels


A decade ago, I used to listen to this song over and over again. My kids got so sick of it. It’s the theme from the movie, “Pay It Forward,” where Helen Hunt plays a mother with an addiction to alcohol. I prayed to the saints and the archangels too, and anyone who would listen. I even prayed to Michelangelo, who I thought was a saint. It turns out I’d just heard the name over and over on Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles. It didn’t matter. The lyrics so exactly capture where I was at the time.

Calling All Angels.

(After blaring ad, it takes a few seconds for the soundtrack to start.)

25 thoughts on “Calling All Angels

  1. I love this song and hadn’t heard it in years. I never saw that movie so can’t remember where or when I first heard it…college maybe? It’s so lovely I’m adding it to a favorites playlist. Thanks for the memories 😊

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    1. Your so welcome. 😊 That song made me a K. D. Lang fan forever. The movie is worth watching, if you get a chance. It’s a cool perspective on the whole ‘pay it forward’ concept. It’s a bit of a tear-jerker, however.


      1. I’ll check it out. I did some googling and remember I know that song from the Until the End of the World soundtrack, which I probably picked up on CD from a BMG or Columbia record house membership. Good times.

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  2. So when I saw this I immediately thought of the Train song of the same name, which is also a really nice song! And I was put in mind of the movie City of Angels, for which the theme song was by the Goo Goo Dolls (which I heard at the gym not long ago).Then, I started thinking about Nicolas Cage (who was in that movie) and about all the awful action films he’s done in the last 15 years of which my husband downloads EVERY SINGLE ONE.
    Anyhoo, I trust that your impassioned pleas to the “Heroes in a Half Shell” were comforting. 🙂

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    1. I forgot about the movie, City of Angels. I’m going to re-watch it tomorrow night. I just watched the clip from the Goo Goo Dolls, and I remember I used to LOVE Nicolas Cage until he went rogue. He was so good in Moonstruck. Now I’m googling Nicolas Cage to see what happened in his marriage to Lisa Pressley. I know there was a massive diamond thrown into the ocean …
      But most importantly, I thought the lyrics were “Turtles on the half shell. Turtle Power!” but now I see I’ve been wrong all these years. “Heroes in a half shell” makes so much more sense.
      Thank you for a very enlightening comment. 💕


      1. I couldn’t get my husband to find the City of Angels movie. He kept acting like the remote wasn’t working or he had a hand cramp. Angels aren’t his thing, needless to say. Here’s a wild guess — Do you like “Ruthless People?”


  3. It’s a beautiful song and a powerful movie. I think I was in shock/denial during the part of them movie that has the song in it, so the song was more in the background then. I just went back and watched that part again… tears….so much feeling. The song has now come back to me here when I’m more conscious of angels that have been there all along. Thank you.

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    1. Me too! That song found me years later, when the lyrics made so much more sense. I just finished reading a book called “Angels in my Hair” by an Irish woman who has seen angels since she was a child, so I’m now calling angels into all kinds of scenarios. It seems to be working. 💕

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  4. First iv heard that and if angels sing thats wat i vision them to sound like😊 everytime i see a robin that flys about round here i thinks its a angel in disguise flew into my kitchen cpl mnths bk sat for a few mins look at me then just flew out again as if it hadnt a care in the world it 😊

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