Week #28 – The link between alcohol and anxiety

Interesting blog by “A Year with Meditation and No Booze.” Here he talks about the effects of alcohol on anxiety.

A Year With Daily Meditation And No Booze

kermit-1651615_1280 Hello team,

I hope you are doing well and that you are staying warm – or, if you are living in the southern hemisphere, I hope you (lucky bastards) are enjoying your summer.

This week, I would like to say a quick word about my experience of the link between drinking alcohol and having anxiety and encourage you to read two recent articles on that topic.

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8 thoughts on “Week #28 – The link between alcohol and anxiety

  1. This was really interesting to me. My son gave up drinking but when I last heard from him, konths ago now, was still using cannabis and still saying he needed it to help calm the anxiety. I didn’t hassle him much about it because…he’s the expert!! Anyway, I guess there are people all over the world who are convincing themselves that drink/drugs “help”.
    Maybe one day my boy will want me talk to me again… In the meantime I’ll devour stuff like this, trying to understand what happened. I’ll come back later and read it properly…gotta get ready for work now. Thanks for posting invaluable stuff, Shawna. Love xx

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