5 thoughts on “Write Your Eulogy

  1. Love yours! 2 Years ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of attempting to write anything like a eulogy. I was so deep in denial and shame and my brain was such a scrambled mess. I think this is a good litmus test to see how far a person has come in terms of self-forgiveness and compassion.

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    1. So true! There would have been no happy ending. Mostly, I would have felt sorry for myself and thought of all the people who miss me, now that I was gone. I would have gotten all teary-eyed (while drinking) about the terrible tragedy of it all, like I was watching a Lifetime movie. But I would be one step removed so that I wouldn’t have to feel the real pain it would cause other people. What a scrambled mess I was as well! Perfect description.


  2. Thanks for the ping back!

    What a wonderful one you wrote for yourself. It made me think immediately of this quote from Ram Dass – do you know it? He said,

    “At the end of the day, we are all just walking one another home.”

    Glad to be walking with you! Prim xx

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    1. I love that quote! I’m going to post it on my secret Facebook page. ; )
      The exercise in writing my own epitaph stayed with me for a few days and actually rewired my thinking. I have a much more charitable view of myself that I did. I used to think mine would be “Never has anyone done so little with so much.” This one is a total guilt trip. I felt like I was failing the advantages I had been given in life. It wasn’t like I was trying to rise from a difficult childhood.
      But rise I did, and just in time.
      Thanks, Prim. 💕


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