Visualizing Dreams

vision board
Just returned from a conference featuring Mike Dooley! He talks about the importance of visualizing, so I made a vision board for house design, kind of like a Pinterest board. I’m doing another one for optimal health — yoga, walking, healthy food. No cookies, dammit.


13 thoughts on “Visualizing Dreams

  1. Hi Shauna. Great board and you look fantastic – absolutely glowing and dare I say it, happy !! There are little tell tale sparkles in your eyes – no faking those ! 🙂xx

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  2. Nice – I’m totally a fan of the wooden beams and stone. I have no vision regarding home design or decorating. Like my mother always said, “My taste is all in my mouth.” I do know what I like when I see it though! The health theme is probably more up my alley. Thinking about going to a Yoga studio very close to my home but am kinda freaked out about it.

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    1. I actually did a home design board because I was around people that were doing similar design boards. I am MUCH more interested in the health aspect. I really want to get back into yoga too. This time of year, when it starts to get dark early, I tend to get lazy. I may try a class this morning because you’ve motivated me. Thanks!


  3. So, is it the process of making the actual board that helps to motivate you? Or, is it looking at the board each day after it’s made, or maybe both?

    And, I concur with the rest of your fans… You look fantastic. Healthy, pure and full of potential💕


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