Dancing Sober: Is it Possible?


I’ve never really been a confident dancer … not until I had that first drink. Then I could relax a little, and begin to unleash my inner Shakira.

Everyone has an inner Shakira. (Even men!) But how does one unleash even a restrained version of her joyous, uninhibited dancing without the mood-altering influence of alcohol?

Some people just decide it’s not worth the pain of trying. I was one of those, until I attended a weekend event on intuition led by Sonia Choquette. She required dancing during the class. And not restrained, robotic movements, but the wild kind — in full daylight, bopping along with everyone else in the class. I found it more awkward to try to sneak out the back than to dance, and so I did. Awkwardly.

But why did we have to dance? Sonia told us how dance is a kind of therapy, engaging the right brain and quieting the left. She had us measure our ‘vibes’ after just one wild romp to Lady Gaga’s Born this Way. We were amazingly invigorated! Our brains had been rewired! It turns out there are benefits to losing your decorum, your dignity, your uptight, buttoned-up version of yourself.

By the end of seminar, I felt like a kid again, singing along to the pounding music, jumping up and down … completely uninhibited.

It’s what we wanted the alcohol for … that sense of freedom, that wild release. It’s still inside you. Dance until you find it.

20 thoughts on “Dancing Sober: Is it Possible?

  1. I love dancing. I’ve tried a number of classes but none of them have been expressive. I never needed alcohol to be able to dance with abandonment, but I’d love to find a class like this. It sounds fabulous. X

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  2. Stumbled upon your site from other links regarding sobriety, and then read your posts… I am drinking wine as I type, but your words and posts speak to me. Kindred spirit maybe?!?!? Thank you.

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    1. Thank you, Someone! I used to love to drink wine and then read sober posts. ; ) I’m so glad the words speak to you. Sometimes it feels like I’m blogging out into the ether, but then “Someone” reaches out, and it all seems worthwhile. 💕


  3. I love this Ms Miracle! The kids and I have a little dance party every Friday and it just feels great to dance! It’s a celebration of being alive! Once you allow yourself to let go (even a little) you feel liberated and the more you do it the easier it becomes. xxxx

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    1. This is so true! It does spill over to other areas of your life. It must be healing as well. I’m in a hotel room in Orlando with a bad cold, but I’m going to put on some music and dance before going down the conference. Hee hee! Hopefully that will snap me out of my NyQuil haze.

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