Breaking up with Alcohol


I’ve been reading more posts about how a relationship with alcohol is a lot like an abusive relationship, or at least one that just doesn’t work anymore. I am reposting my blog at 40 days sober (I am now at 510!) because it’s exactly what I experienced.

Day 40: It’s Complicated

8 thoughts on “Breaking up with Alcohol

  1. Great share! I love the analogy as well. I saw myself in the hobbies that I shed (like writing and hockey) because alcohol became more important. Even the image of the boozy writer (like Hemingway, etc.) no longer held sway – the booze was the most important thing for me. Everything else peeled away from me. And like you said so well, it promised me everything, and in the end just took me for all I had.

    Thanks for this post – I hope someone new to sobriety sees this.


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    1. Thank you! I am currently writing about the really low points I got to experience in my relationship to alcohol, so I’m looking for every distraction possible. It’s hard to look at the devastation straight on, kind of like looking at the eclipse. I feel so cheated sometimes.
      I have lots of boozy writings that show me how little I have in common with drinking writers. They’re full of dramatic statements and whacko emotions, without really telling much of a story. And the handwriting’s really hard to read. ; )
      I’m much better off trying to slog away at this thing sober.

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      1. I hear this so very much. I have purposely not gone into those spells because 1) I did this when I did my step work and 2) I don’t see why I should dreg that stuff up which may hurt or disturb those around me. Now, that’s a personal thing. As you mentioned, there are many memoirs and stuff which are chock full of stark, dramatic narrative, down and dirty stuff, but which also doesn’t illuminate things. I prefer the emotional stuff, the dig deep things, and I reckon I rather focus on those than the moments. I do have my moments mentioned, but I keep them a bit cleaner…lol. But you’re writing this and that is the most important thing!

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      2. I am with you 100%. I am not a share-every-detail type, whether speaking or writing. I don’t think it’s necessary. I am just going through it mentally, as I’m writing only what I think is relevant to the story. I’m too reserved naturally to ever write like so many people do, although I greatly admire that they can do it. If that were a prerequisite, I’d never write again. ; )
        I think you can say enough that the reader can imagine what’s unsaid, and that’s always the emotional part. I’m not into gratuitous shaming. I think we get to choose what to say and what not to.


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