Day 164: Still Here


I am still traveling around, still sober, still hanging in there.

I am beginning to think I might make it home safely. We leave for home at the end of September. I can’t believe I am saying this, but it is you blogging people who are making me toe the line. In other circumstances, nobody would know if I had a drink (or dozens, more likely) while out of the country. But I would have to report back here that I had chucked it all, despite my insights, despite my cheerleading, despite my research.

Or more than likely, I would just disappear for a while. Maybe for good.

We are more than just a haphazard group brought together by a common cause. There is strength in this unity. I can feel it. And I am beyond surprised by this.

Thank you all for reaching out. It is in answer to a prayer.


15 thoughts on “Day 164: Still Here

  1. There is more than strength in numbers. This is a phenomenon, a purpose, a place, emergent. We are blessed. I’ve had some criticism in the past few days, but those seem to have forgotten the intro to my blog…that it would document my deliverance or demise. We aren’t painting pretty pictures here, friends. We are in the middle of a battle. Bless you all, God speed and may we all become free.


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