Four Months, 600 Drinks


Today, I am four months’ sober. I have bypassed an estimated (on the low side) 600 drinks.

That’s five drinks a day, which takes into account the few days now and then that I would not drink. I usually had more like six or seven in a day. Six hundred drinks. Imagine …

I haven’t posted in a while but want to get back to it because I feel the pull of drinking again and I have lost a bit of my resolve. I seem normal now, and the past is easy to bypass as something that happened a long time ago to someone else entirely. I need to refocus on the goal of sobriety, and that means thinking about what led me here to begin with. How I renewed myself with your help.

I am grateful to the sober universe out there. I owe these sober days to you. : )


16 thoughts on “Four Months, 600 Drinks

  1. Wow, hadn’t thought in terms of drinks. I estimate I have passed on about 450 to 500 so far. That sure puts things into perspective. Just re-reading your last post from time to time reminds me how fragile life is and what we take for granted. Thank you for sharing that. I was on vacation then and never commented but I remember crying and it strengthened my resolve to not drink.

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    1. Thank you so much for letting me know! Sometimes it feels like we are blogging into a void, you know what I mean? But when I get a response like yours, I think that words can be sacred and that these connections are as important as meeting people face to face.


    1. Wow, I like that: “Inspired recovery.” That is going to be my phrase of the week. I have not done well at this point in the past, but it will be crucial going forward. This is my typical drop-off period, when I pick back up for no good reason. Now I will ask for inspired recovery. What a great title for a blog or your book. ; )

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    1. You are so right! I like adding up the cost of the drinks and then rewarding myself. ; ) At at least $2.00 per mini-bottle, which is really at the low end since I drank many many drinks at $8.00 each in restaurants, I have a spare $1200 to spend/give away.

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  2. 4 months is awesome. I am the same – my last drink was 30 March. Blogging helps me keep in focus.

    You are doing great – actually lets change that to we !!

    Tori x

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  3. Have you found the “I’m done drinking” app? It counts the drinks for you ( and calories and money saved ! )
    so far I’m on 1284 drinks and a whopping 155,459 kcals NOT drunk ! Shame I haven’t lost any weight! Keep going. Lily

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  4. Great to hear from you. I’m pleased you are taking responsibility for your sobriety and posting when you need to. This soberverse is great for keeping us focussed and it is great to have these connections. X

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    1. You’re right, and I am still so surprised by that. Somehow these connections really make a difference. It’s the opportunity to cut through the bulls*t and be honest with other people. It doesn’t happen often in real life. ; )

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